Shannon One Designs

Although a classic design, commissioned from Morgan Giles in 1920, the Shannon One Designs are among the most active dingy classes in Ireland. Over 130 have been built so far, up to 80 of which will turn out at least once in a given year, and new boats are added to the fleet each winter. As well as weekly racing in Lough Derg and Lough Ree Yacht Clubs, a spread of weekend regattas take place around the Shannon from Easter to Halloween, and the high point of every season are main regatta weeks of the two clubs in early August.

  SOD 32 SOD 34 SOD 45  
  SOD 50 SOD 53 SOD 54  
  SOD 73 SOD 75 SOD 76  
  SOD 81 SOD 82 SOD 86  
  SOD 88 SOD 93 SOD 96  
  SOD 97 SOD 104 SOD 107  
  SOD 119 SOD 122 SOD 123  
  SOD 124 SOD 136 SOD 138  
  SOD 142 SOD 144 SOD 146  
  SOD 154 SOD 155 SOD 162  
  SOD 164 SOD 165 SOD 166  
  SOD 167 SOD 170  


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