Water Wags

The humble Water Wags have been a common sight on Dublin Bay for over 120 years, but their debute in 1887 was truely revolutionary as it brought the close-combat of one-design racing to the sailing arena for the very first time. The small and affordable design opened up the sport to a whole new section of society and argueably paved the way for every other one-design dingy class to have come after it.

  Wag 3 Wag 6  
  Wag 9 Wag 10  
  Wag 11 Wag 12  
  Wag 16 Wag 17  
  Wag 18 Wag 19  
  Wag 24 Wag 26  
  Wag 29 Wag 31  
  Wag 38 Wag 41  


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