Mirror European Championships 2010


The Mirror Dinghy has come a long way since it was first championed by the daily publication of the same name nearly fifty years ago, not least in the shift from its self-build plywood origins to more modern fibreglass boats launch in recent years. It's to the class's full credit that the introduction of modern materials and design modifications have kept the dinghy relevant without radically changing the behaviour or performance. The Mirror has fought off many usurpers to remain a staunchly popular class for training and family racing in quite a few countries with World and European Championships happening on alternate years. The class and the event are no strangers to Sligo Bay either, the club having hosted multiple regional and national championships before as well as the 1987 Worlds, and if the weather behaves then it should prove to be a very competitive and exciting week under the shadow of Ben Bulben.

More details about the event can be found at the official website.


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