Four Star Pizza ISAF Youth Worlds 2012


The 2012 ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship in Dublin Bay, Ireland will celebrate the 42nd year of the event. Throughout its history, the ISAF Youth Worlds has visited over 20 nations, covering every continent, and over 100 different nations have competed. France is currently the most successful nation, winning the Volvo Trophy on a record 10 occasions and holding a record 62 medals: 20 Gold, 27 Silver and 15 Bronze.

Over 300 sailors representing more than 60 nations will compete across eight classes in identical boats and equipment. The championship is run on similar lines to the Olympic Games - competitors are nominated by their national assocation, nations permitted only one entry per class, each team suppplied with new boats and equipment and privided with accommodation and meals. This program runs over 10 days including Registration, Opening Ceremony, 7-day Race Schedule and Closing Ceremony.

For further information about the event go to the Dublin Bay 2012 website, and for official results go to the ISAF Youth Worlds website.


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