Saturday - Sutton Course

A contender for tomorrow's (Sunday) top prize of the Volvo boat of the regatta trophy is Checkmate XV, the Nigel Biggs skippered vintage half­tonner that has a perfect score line of five wins from five races in IRC class two. A promising 6 to 8 knots of winds got racing for all 393 boats in 25 classes off to a solid start this morning and the hope was that the breeze ­ like the sunshine ­ would build during the day but instead the wind had died across most of the eight courses by lunchtime.

  Windward Mark - IRC Cruiser 3  
  Windward Mark - Ruffians  
  Leeward Mark - IRC Cruiser 3  
  Leeward Mark - Ruffians  
  Ribs + Rescue  


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