Tuesday - Race Day 2

Day 2 of the Mirror World Sailing Championships got off to a tricky start as Race 3, the first race of the day, began only after three general recalls and two race abandonments due to misbehaving mirrors and a number of dramatic wind shifts. Eventually, sixth time lucky, the it got under way off a black-flag start and the fleet got a good race in relatively steady conditions with only one rain squall dampening proceedings during the trapezoid inner-loop. The wind picked up for the final leg and stayed above 20knots for race 4, giving champagne sailing and perfect surfing conditions on the downwind legs!

Both races today used a trapezoid course, and the upper and lower gybe marks listed below are on the top and bottom of the outer-loop run.

  Race 3 - Start  
  Race 3 - First Windward  
  Race 3 - Lower Gybe Mark  
  Race 4 - Start  
  Race 4 - First Leeward  
  Race 4 - Upper Gybe Mark  


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