Trustee Decisions Lambay Races 2014


This weekend, Saturday June 7th, Howth Yacht Club once again hosted one of Ireland's longest established sailing events, the Lambay Races. The event has been part of Howth's sailing calender for well over 110 years, the first trophy dates back to 1899 and was put up by a member of what was then Howth Sailing Club. Apart from the usual inshore and offshore fleets, there was also a throwback to the traditional Lambay Races of times past with the Howth Seventeens starting off the East Pier and finishing in Howth Sound. They were accompanied at the pier start by a number of classic boats, including a Galway Hooker.

The stiff breeze, which had built through the morning, did little to disperse rolling banks of cloud which obscured Lambay Island from the fleets on their outbound leg, reducing visibility to a few hundred metres at times! By the time the mid-fleet boats were rounding the north of the Island the sun was starting to break through however, and most people returned to Howth Marina in blazing sunshine...

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