Day 2 - Course A

Catching up on the race programme is now the priority at the KBC Laser Radial Youth and Men's World Championship after more races were lost to fickle winds on day two of the Dublin Bay championships on the Irish east coast today. Four races should have been completed in the 350-boat fleet at this stage but none of the boys four divisions, or the girls or men's fleets have sailed the full programme. The Boys fleets on Course A have sailed two and the girls fleet has sailed only one.

The boys fleet of 229 is by far the biggest and tomorrow (Wednesday) the race committee will ensure all four boys divisions have sailed the same number of races. "It may mean starting some fleets earlier", warned Dublin race officer Con Murphy, who officiates at the Rio Olympics next month. Today's races were sailed again in shifting westerlies gusting up to 13-knots but the mean strength was as low as six or seven, just above the minimum permitted for racing under regatta rules.


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