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A picture of the normal desk set up by at events so you can check out your photographs.

At we love spending the sailing season travelling all across the Ireland from event to event, and we strive to provide both the organisers and competitors with something unique and memorable to add to the experience, and maybe even take home!

Although sometimes you'll only spot us on the water, if the event have booked us to attend then you'll also find us onshore with our desk set up to sort, display and even print the photographs just for you.

To make it as easy as possible to find your photographs we sort all the photographs by sail number / boat name (where possible), and you will find them that way here on the website too, but we also produce slide-shows which you'll find running on a dedicated screen nearby in case you just want to relax and get a flavour of what we spotted on the water.

When you are on the water watch out for our distinctive blue 4.7m Avon R.I.B. - it can normally to be found near one of the marks hovering a few metres to windward or leeward of the fleet because we pride ourselves on getting close to the action without getting in the way.


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