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Available Sizes and Prices

All the images from the fotosail catalogue can be ordered in a variety of print sizes and in digital format from the respective image pages in the galleries.

Image Shapes / Cropping

In most cases the images will be rectangular, using the 3:2 aspect ratio standard in most printing and framing sizes. In some cases the pictures may have been prepared in a different shapes, and recommended print sizes will be highlighted in such a case, but prints can still be produced in whatever shape is required for a specific frame or other purpose. In cases where an image must be cropped to fit a specific print size this will be done manually to give the best composition to the resulting image.


Images ordered in digital format are prepared manually to ensure quality, and are optimised for display on a computer screen or digital photo frame. They low-res are the digital equivalent of a postcard-size print,and are not suitable for printing at any size greater than 6"x4", while the medium-res files can be printed up to 6"x9". The low-res file is approximately a 1.5 mega-pixel image while the medium-res file is approximately a 4.4 mega-pixel image.

Computer Desktop images are specially prepared with a surrounding frame to make them the suitable shape for a standard or wide-screen computer monitor, and may result in the original image being cropped to fit.

The purchase any digital version buys only a limited licence for the personal use of the images - resale, distribution or their use in a derivative work is not allowed without express written permission.

Computer Desktop€ 5
Low-res Digital1200px x 1200px1500px x 1000px1400px x 1050px1400px x 1100px1600px x 900px2100px x 700px€ 5
Mid-res Digital2100px x 2100px2600px x 1700px2450px x 1800px2350px x 1900px2800px x 1575px3600px x 1200px€ 25


All prints ordered through the website are printed by a professional photographic lab in Dublin. For paper prints up to 18"x12" a standard chemical process onto crystal archive paper is used, while canvas prints and larger paper prints are produced on a large scale pigment-ink printer. By default the prints will be in colour and with a 'Glossy' finish, but can be produced in Black & White or with a Matt finish on request at no extra cost.

Standard Size Prints
4''x4''6''x4''6''x4''6''x4''6''x4'' € 5
5''x5''7''x5''7''x5''7''x5''7''x4''9''x3''€ 10
6''x6''8''x6''8''x6''8''x6''8''x6'' € 20
8''x6''9''x6''9''x6''7.5''x6''9''x5''12''x4''€ 20
8''x8''10''x8''10''x8''10''x8''10''x5.6'' € 30
 12''x8''12''x8''12''x8''12''x6.5''15''x5''€ 35
12''x12''18''x12''16''x12''15''x12''18''x10''18''x6''€ 50
Large Format Prints
12''x12''18''x12''16''x12''15''x12''18''x10''18''x6''€ 50
16''x16''24''x16''20''x15''20''x16''25''x14''24''x8''€ 150
22''x22''33''x22''28''x21''30''x24''36''x20''30''x10''€ 250
33''x33''47''x33''44''x33''42.5''x34''52.5''x29.5''45''x15''€ 350
40''x40''56''x40''52''x39''50''x40''62''x35''60''x20''€ 500
    70''x40''75''x25''€ 700

All large format prints bigger than 12" x 18" will be individually numbered as part of a limited series.
Prints in these larger artwork sizes should only be ordered in consultation with Gareth.

Canvas Prints
8''x8''12''x8''12''x8''10''x8''12''x6.5''15''x5''€ 120
12''x12''18''x12''16''x12''15''x12''16''x9''18''x6''€ 150
16''x16''24''x16''20''x15''20''x16''25''x14''24''x8''€ 250
22''x22''33''x22''28''x21''30''x24''36''x20''30''x10''€ 400
33''x33''47''x33''44''x33''42.5''x34''52.5''x29.5''45''x15''€ 600
40''x40''56''x40''52''x39''50''x40''62''x35''60''x20''€ 800
    70''x40''75''x25''€ 1000

All canvas prints will be individually signed and numbered as part of a limited series.
Prints in these larger artwork sizes should only be ordered in consultation with Gareth.

Prices listed on the website are for non-commercial use of images only
Rates for the commercial use of any image can be negotiated


All images on this website are protected by copyright under International law. Use of the website implies acceptance of the terms & conditions and privacy policy.