LDYC Keelboat Inland Challenge 2010


The end of the season rolls around far too quickly every year, and although many clubs and classes persevere well into the darker days due to the greatly improved facilities around the country in recent years, it's a very rare occassion for October to play host to a full two or three day event. The inland lakes buck that trend to quite a degree, with the October bank goliday marking the traditional last event for hardened Shannon One Design sailors, and in this spirit a mid October weekend has grown into a keelboat gathering at Dromineer over recent years.

Originally pioneered by the Dragons, and proving a great oppurtunity for competitive racing while giving the boats a thorough wash-down in fresh water, they were joined by the SB3's a couple of years ago, and the event welcomes the Squib fleet for the first time in 2010.


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