Sunday - Killiney Course

The biennial regatta is being hailed an enormous success both afloat and ashore. A combined fleet of 393 boats raced over eight courses in a range of light to medium conditions since racing began last Thursday. The large IRC Cruisers and J109s had a particularly good day racing in unfamiliar waters off Killiney Beach, a stretch of water rarely used for big-boat racing despite being only a relatively short sail from Dun Laoghaire harbour. The crews had a strong flood tide to contend with, but a steady southerly breeze across most of the race course made for some interesting tactical decisions (it was weaker close to the shore where tide was also less of a factor) and very competitive final race.

  Leedward - IRC Cruiser 0  
  Leedward - IRC Cruiser 1  
  Leedward - J109  
  Windward - IRC Cruiser 0  
  Windward - IRC Cruiser 1  
  Windward - J109s  


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